Friday, February 11, 2011

NSLU2: When the power supply (PSU) dies ...

Problem: My NSLU2 has stopped working. Problem pinned down to being the power supply. The following description matches very well my experience, although my power supply worked 24/7 for 3 years (the first two supplying a 2.5' disc.:

"It showed an interesting mode of failure.... after being used for about 1 year 24/7, the LED still illuminated and the unloaded votlage was 5.0V (good) but when a Slug was switched on, the voltage dropped to about 3V and the Slug could not boot. The Slug's Power LED showed faint 'pulsing' in time with USB Memory stick access attempts (difficult to see with your finger over the Power button though). The power supply was binned. "

"It has been noticed that the supplied Linksys PSU appears to fail after about a year if supplying two USB powered 2.5" laptop drives from the NSLU2.Symptoms include, but not limited to hard drives not being mounted properly at boot time, although the slug will boot with no disks attached for a while until the supply dies completely." -

My solution:
I bought a "AC Power Adapter/Charger for PSP 1000/2000/3000" from Then I exchanged the plug that the Power Adapter/Charger came with the plug from the original NSLU2 PSU. When doing this, BE CAREFUL and use a voltmeter/multimeter to make sure + and - are connected correctly. Double double check, because you might end up destroying your NSLU2 if applying a wrong voltage.

I did all this, and my slug is again running like a charm.

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